Do It Yourself: Entry Key Dish

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another DIY! I have done a ring dish in the past but I wanted to show you all how to make a dish (in this case for your keys) that you don't have to sculpt. I am not the best at sculpting myself so sometimes it's nice not having to worry about it. So that being said let's jump into it!

You Will Need:
• Terracotta dish
• White Craft Paint
• Mint Pearlescent Paint (Martha Stewart Brand)
• Sharpie
• Paint brush

1 | Begin by painting the entire dish in white paint. Using thin and multiple coats for the interior and one coat to prime the exterior of the dish.

2 | Next paint the exterior with the mint paint. Use thin and multiple strokes to ensure an even covering. For both paint it took about 3-4 coats to achieve the colours I did.

3 | Once completely dry, take a sharpie and create a pattern of your choice along the rim. I used a thick sharpie to achieve my look.

4 | Then write home or keys (whatever you'd like) in the interior of the bowl. Don't worry about font choice, just take your time and write neatly.

And you're set! Leave in your entryway and plop your keys in when you get home!

Thanks for reading and watching!