Do It Yourself: Quote Canvas

Hello Everyone! Quote canvases are everywhere now and they aren't too cheap. I find a lot of the canvases at this size can cost up to $50 - how insane is that?! With this DIY I will show you how to take your favourite quotes and transfer them onto canvas. I will also leave the links to download the two quotes I created. So let's get started!

You Will Need:
• Canvas (I bought an 8 x 10 canvas at Michaels, you can get canvas' anywhere)
• Art Pen (You can get these at any art or craft store. I used the Super Fine for mine)
• Pencil
• Printer (To print out your quote)
• Gold Leafing Pen (I got mine from Michaels, the Krylon brand for $12.99)

1 | Start by printing off the quote you would like to use. Using a window, trace the quote on the reverse side of the paper with a pencil. This will act as your transfer. 

2 | Once you have traced the backside, place onto your canvas. Next take your pencil and scribble over the letters. This will transfer the led you just traced and create a faint outline on the canvas.

3 | Once you have your letter outlines, take your artist pen and trace the letters. Move slowly on this part and take your time. Letting isn't the easiest thing, so I recommend practicing on paper before your canvas. This is also a good step if your beginning lettering to get the general feel. 

4 | I did this as an optional step but I really loved how it looked. Take a gold leaf pen and add some simple circles around the canvas. The nice thing about the gold leaf pen is it leaves a really nice colour and texture, unlike paint.

I was really pleased with how both these have turned out and have decided I will be offering custom quote canvas' to order. Depending on the length of your quote and the size of the canvas will determine the cost but if you're interested in having a custom quote canvas done you can e-mail me at:

Courage Quote | Download
Anchor Quote | Download

Courage iPhone 5s Wallpaper | Download
Courage iPhone 4s Wallpaper | Download
Anchor iPhone 5s Wallpaper | Download
Anchor iPhone 4s Wallpaper | Download

Thanks for reading/watching!