Do It Yourself: Elegent Chain Necklace

I am back with another jewelry DIY - these DIY's are not only easy but they look amazing. Plus it is something that gives you compliments every time you wear them. I recently say a post on Etsy of a necklace similar and fell in love - however the necklace was $50! It was at that point I decided I could make it and am showing you how to as well.

Do It Yourself: Lightbulb Vase

Hey Everyone! I am back with a little home decor! I am hoping to do some more fashion posts once the weather warms up - as I know some of you have requested it, so stay tuned for that. In this post I show you how to turn a burnt out light or even a dollar store light bulb into a modern vase.

1000 little DIY-ers! - Thank You

2015 has been good to us already! We just hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube and I couldn't be more thankful. This has always been my passion and I love when others are able to take part in that. I have been wanting to thank you all for months - ever since hitting 10 subscribers but I have waited until 1000. I am in the middle of planning the perfect giveaway and I want your help. I am sorting out all the legal jargon (sorting shipping costs and certain rules) and while I do that I want you guys to tell me what you want to win!

Easy right? Keep in mind I don't have a ton of money - I can't get anyone an iPad or anything too crazy (I wish I could - maybe one day). So until then please follow my link and fill out my survey so I can determine what everyone would like to win! I will be sorting out everything and plan on posting a video mid to end of next week so the survey will close on Monday January 19.

Please pass on the word to everyone and get anyone involved in the survey process and keep your eyes peeled for the actual prizes! (yay) 

Follow this link to take the survey:

Thank you everyone!

Do It Yourself: Statement Necklace

Everyone should have at least one necklace in their collection that is a statement piece. Something to throw on to jazz up any outfit. That being said - how about instead of buying a statement piece you make one. This tutorial is super easy and by the end you will have your very own piece to add to your collection.

Do It Yourself: Desk Calendar

Hello Everyone! A new year is upon us and with that I was in need of a new desk calendar. I really wanted one that reflected my style but was still practical. So off I went to the drawing board and came up with this gem! I am so beyond pleased with how it turned out and it is easy to do and can be used year after year.