Do It Yourself: Entry Key Dish

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another DIY! I have done a ring dish in the past but I wanted to show you all how to make a dish (in this case for your keys) that you don't have to sculpt. I am not the best at sculpting myself so sometimes it's nice not having to worry about it. So that being said let's jump into it!

Do It Yourself: Cat Toy

Hey Everyone! Some of you may know I have a cat named Oliver,  however after some financial struggles and health issues I moved back in with my parents and they have two cats, so the house is full of cats at the moment. With that I decided I would make a cat toy to keep them all occupied. The toy turned out amazing and has been holding up with 3 cats that are obsessed with it (see Bosko in the photo above). So let's get started!

Do It Yourself: Quote Canvas

Hello Everyone! Quote canvases are everywhere now and they aren't too cheap. I find a lot of the canvases at this size can cost up to $50 - how insane is that?! With this DIY I will show you how to take your favourite quotes and transfer them onto canvas. I will also leave the links to download the two quotes I created. So let's get started!

Do It Yourself: Elegent Chain Rings

Hello Everyone! Spring is underway and I find I want to wear more elegant and laid back jewelry. I have seen this in many jewelry shops and I couldn't wait to make some of my own. Today I will show you how you can easily make your own chain rings and add a little flair.