Easily Revamp Your Kitchen - Simple Tips

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Happy 2016! I wanted to start the New Year off right with some tips to easily revamp your spaces without breaking the budget. For this blog post we will be focusing on the kitchen but stay tuned for other rooms. Below you can watch the video or you can continue reading.

All of these tips will allow you to give new life to an otherwise tired kitchen without breaking the budget. So let’s jump right in!

My first tip is adding a backsplash. This is an easy way to really play with a little bit of colour or texture in your kitchen. It can also be done on a budget and is a good weekend DIY project to take on. A huge trend lately is glass subway style tile. The best part of adding a backsplash is you can visit a thrift or habitat for humanity and purchase leftover tiles there to stay budget friendly and unique.

Second tip is simply adding new lighting. Lighting can really make or break a Kitchen space. I am absolutely in love with these Vintage style pendant lights with Edison bulbs from Parrot Uncle. They have an amazing assortment of lighting fixtures that would work perfectly into your decor budget. They kindly sent me these lights for this post. If you would like to visit their website and see their selection visit: www.parrotuncle.com

Third tip is simply updating your cabinet hardware. This is possibly the easiest of all the tips and one of the most budget friendly. You can pick up new hardware from your local store for next to nothing and it can make a world of difference. For a more eclectic look take a trip to your local thrift or antique store. Remember your hardware doesn’t necessarily have to match, drawers and cabinets can simply compliment each other.

My fourth and final tip is add some texture and colour with some simple accessories. This can also double as some extra storage on your counter tops. This can be an awesome opportunity to really play with colour through your kitchen, introducing some reds, teals or even yellows. You can also add some accessories to the walls, such as a vintage phone, a chalkboard, framed photos, etc. This is where you can truly let your style shine through.

Really have fun with it! The nice thing about a lot of these tips is they can be changed as often as you like and really suit your style at that time. As always, thanks for reading/watching and I look forward to talking to you again soon!